People flock to stores to pick up estimated $207 Mega Millions jackpot drawing

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're looking to cash in big, you'll want to grab a last minute ticket for the estimated more than $200 million Mega Millions lottery set for tonight. In this tough economy, lots of people are now trying their luck.

Chances are, if you've driving around the city you've seen the big billboards, or you've at least heard, about the $207 estimated jackpot in tonight's Mega Millions drawing. That is causing lottery fever to be in full force at most area stores.

Ticket, after ticket, after ticket: the Mega Millions jackpot is bringing out a million reasons why the lotto machine is working overtime.

"This looks like the winning ticket right here. And, my boss sold it to me," said Gwen Foskey.

"A lot of times easy picks win, so I got to give myself another chance," said Gwen Taylor. Her fourth chance in fact and she certainly isn't the only one who is getting in on the fun.

"I normally don't play the lottery too much, but for $207 million, I think I'll try my luck," said Travis Cromwell.

"Why not?" asks Lavern Harvey. "Hey, you got to take that chance!"

All the extra work doesn't bother Seidah Pettaway either. It means a lot more foot traffic in and out of her store in the middle of an economic downtown.

"With people coming in buying merchandise and also buying the lottery ticket, it's a blessing, " Seidah said.

Not only that, but all the profits from the Virginia Lottery go to the public schools in the state.

"That's a good thing right!," said Lavern. "Everybody needs a little boost, right?" Not only for themselves, but others too.

"I feel lucky with all the tickets I have," said Gwen Taylor. "But, you know what they say -- all numbers are lucky until they are pulled."

The drawing is set for 11 PM Friday night. We'll have the winning numbers tonight on 12 News at 11.

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