Two VCU students robbed at gunpoint

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A lesson on crime prevention for thousands of VCU students and faculty after two students were robbed at gunpoint near the main campus.

It happened Wednesday night in the 800 block of Cumberland Street near South Laurel. No one was hurt, but as new students settle in, police say it highlights the importance of awareness.

The start of the fall semester Thursday stirred up a lot of activity on the VCU campus. It was the night before that was a little rough for two students. It was 10:15 at night. Richmond police say two gunman came up to the two students as they were walking along Cumberland Street.

The gunmen made off with their wallets and cell phones. The two young men weren't hurt. But the ordeal, right on the edge of campus and steps away from Anna Kolantis' front door is unsettling.

"I don't really worry about getting shot I worry about getting mugged," said Kolantis, a VCU student.

VCU Police Captain Grant Warren says the urban college experience doesn't have to be a frightening one. But pay attention.

"Somebody whose not used to an urban setting has a lot of natural distractions in the first place but also people have a lot of distractions with cell phones to their ear or ears plugged up with ipods," said Captain Warren.

VCU police patrol by car, foot and bike. Help is just a phone call away.

"If you see anything unusual call us we want people to observe and report that's the message," said Captain Warren.

Even though Kolantis enjoyed the peace and quiet before classes started, she doesn't mind the influx of students.

"I actually feel safer with all these people around," said Kolantis.

Her message for students new to the area.

"Don't walk at night alone I would say," said Kolantis.

Also students who don't want to walk home at night can use the VCU escort service by calling 828-9255.

Meantime if you have information about the robbery, call Richmond Police or Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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