Virginia Tech still healing old wounds

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

BLACKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Breezy Blacksburg still seems a world away from violence, but the reminders of what happened here keep rushing back.

"I think the university community is resilient but there are several people in the university who really have to continue to live with the after effects of April 16 every day," said Larry Hincker, University Spokesperson.

Thousands flock to the memorial each year to honor the lost. Survivors still walk the campus. Now, the shooter's missing medical records have come to light, creating new questions about the credibility of the university's counseling center.

"It does bother me that anything I went to talk to them about could potentially go home with one of the employees," said Allison Boyce, Tech senior.

For the families, closure, still is so far away...

"When you look over the top of that next hill then you'll see the end. But then you get to the top of that hill and all you see is the next hill. It's very difficult to reach closure if you still think that tomorrow something else might show up," said Andrew Goddard whose son survived the massacre.

There are still students on this campus who were there, who lost friends... Who felt the fear...

"I haven't stopped locking doors behind me even in my house," said Tech senior Will McNeil.

Every new detail about April 16 is new insight. Ken Stanton lost his friend and neighbor Jeremy Herbstritt.

"While it's hard to revisit and a lot of us would like to heal and just move forward I realize at the same time that getting these things right is important," said Ken Stanton, Tech PhD candidate.

"Yes, it hurts but we're going to keep learning. Keep doing what we do. And we're going to be the best we can be. And we're going to do it in honor of these people," McNeil said.

With the release of Cho's medical records the state is updating the Virginia Tech review panel's report of what happened here. Inaccuracies pointed out by the families will also be corrected. That report is expected this fall.

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