Home catches fire after lightning strike

Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Last night's storm didn't cause widespread damage across metro Richmond, but it was enough to create fireworks in one Henrico neighborhood.

Lightning hit a house on West Sorrel Drive, which is just off River Road, punching a hole in the roof and starting a small fire. The impact kicked debris around the area and got the attention of the entire neighborhood. Fire crews got to the scene quickly, possibly cutting down on quite a bit of damage.

"All of the sudden there was this horrible noise and then this big ball of fire, well it wasn't fire but it was a big ball of light right in the middle of my bedroom. Ohh! So I was kind of frightened," said Marion Cummins who witnessed the lightning strike.

"Had this been in the middle of the night and had gone a length of time then we would've had a really big fire when we got here," said Henrico Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Wood.

The damage was contained to the second floor and the attic of the building. Neither the residents nor their next door neighbors were at home.

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