Goochland Drive-In

By Lauren Compton - email

GOOCHLAND (WWBT) - John and Kristina Heidel had a simple dream, of creating a place where parents and kids can enjoy a family night out. So a year ago, they ventured into an idea many thought was impossible, bringing a modern drive-in movie theatre to Goochland County.

The Heidel's have lived in Goochland since 2000 and have made a name for themselves in small business but , John sold his popular dry cleaning business in 2007 to begin work on his dream; a modern drive-in movie theatre. That was in 2008. Now they are weeks away from making that dream a reality. The drive-in will be south of I-64 at Exit 152 Haydensville. It's a large plowed area of dirt now, but soon it will be home to the Heidel's dream of a drive-in movie theatre.

Several drive-ins in Virginia have gone dark, but the Heidel's feel Goochland's drive in will survive, because of its family oriented appeal.

"You can bring small kids here. We'll have a playground and the kids will be able to watch movies in their pajamas if they want. Meanwhile the parents will be able to hang out", said Kristina Heidel, wife of John Heidel.

The Heidel's are also offering a bargain a two for one bargain. The ticket to the Goochland drive-in will get you not one, but two movies. Unlike the big movie theatres the concession are cheap.

Drive-ins were a place people enjoyed a romantic night under the stars or cuddled with their sweetie, and Heidel's say it's this sense of nostalgia that will bring people back.

Goochland Drive-in is anticipating a Grand Opening Date of August 28.



Kids under 12: $3.00


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