Prince George County authorities investigating dog bite

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - Authorities in Prince George County say a young woman was petting a dog when it bit off part of her nose.

Right now, the Prince George Commonwealth's Attorney is investigating the case as a civil matter. No word on the woman's condition, but a source close to the case says the woman was warned.

Petting a stranger's dog or one owned by a relative or friend may be commonplace for some. Not for Joanne Simmons who says it doesn't take much for something to go wrong.

"When a dog doesn't know you, you don't know it you don't know how they may react. Some are friendly some are not," said Simmons.

Prince George Commonwealth's Attorney, Jay Paul, says something traumatic did happen to a 25 year old woman on Sunday, August 9 at the home of Braden Peter on Hidden Oaks Place. Paul says Peter's black lab bit off the tip of the young woman's nose as she leaned down to pet the dog. But a source close to the case says Peter had warned the woman his dog might bite.

Neighbors who did not want to go on camera said they always had concerns about the black lab named Smokey and even warned children not to play near Peter's house.

"It would bark at me it never came after me. Of course I never tried to pet it," said Simmons.

At this point, Paul says this is a civil matter and since a relative of the victim works in his office, there's a good chance a special prosecutor from another jurisdiction would be brought in to handle the case.

The Commonwealth's Attorney says the woman knows the dog's owner. We reached out to both people involved, but have not heard back from either of them.

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