New revelations about Cho's missing records

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

BLACKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Now today's developments in the Virginia Tech shooting. The school released Seung Hui Cho's medical records this afternoon after his family gave their permission.

These are the records that went missing in 2006. Inside these 23 pages, notes from doctors that show Seung Hui Cho denied having any homicidal thoughts, a year and a half before he killed 32 people.

The patient is very non verbal, very quiet, sits in the chair looking down at the floor. Does not blink. Those are the words used by a counselor to describe a future killer. Seung Hui Cho's recently found medical records reveal very few new details, but re-enforce his troubled nature.

On a sticky note attached to a file, Cho denies suicidal and homicidal thoughts. He does admit to being depressed for two years and always having panic attacks when he has to talk to people.

Cho was evaluated by Virginia Tech's Cooke Counseling Center three times in less than two weeks in late 2005. His records were found in the home of the center's former director, Robert Miller. Miller says he accidently took them while he packed up his office after being fired by the university.

"Does it make people angry? Yeah! I mean I'm angry and I don't think those records should have been there. Frankly we wouldn't be here today talking about it if they had been there in 2007 when they should have been," said Larry Hincker, Virginia Tech Spokesperson.

It was concluded Cho had a mood disorder and it was suggested he could be treated with counseling.  Cho never returned to the center. Virginia Tech released this statement, saying these records indicate the Cooke Counseling Center acted appropriately in its evaluation of Cho.

"In my opinion I don't think Cooke counseling acted appropriately. If Cooke Counseling acted appropriately April 16 would have never taken place," said Suzanne Grimes.

Suzanne Grimes' son Kevin was shot several time in the massacre. His iconic photo now a lasting image of the tragedy. Today Governor Kaine said he understands the release of Cho's records will bring mixed emotions for the families of the Tech victims and that the state remains committed to openness about the tragedy.

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