Cocaine traces in your cash

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The cash in your wallet gives new meaning to the phrase dirty money. A new study has found that 90 percent of it is actually tainted with cocaine.

"Wow!" said Loretta Deskins. "Incredible. I mean I knew it was laced with a whole lot of nasty germs but cocaine, wow!"

"I would never put it in my mouth and be tested for drugs and come out positive because of money," said frequent cash user, Tenoiya Carter.

"It's not going to be absorbed across skin," said Evelyn Waring, education coordinator for the Virginia Poison Center.

While the finds of this study are alarming, she sees no cause for major concern.

"They're talking about micro grams of cocaine that were found on the bills that they tested," said Waring. "This simply wouldn't be a dangerous dose even for a small child."

Despite the findings most people don't see it having an affect on the way they handle their cash.

"I still have to handle it so I guess I wouldn't do anything differently," said Carter.

Tainted by drug deals - and spread in ATMs. While the overall average for cocaine laced cash is at 90 percent, in Washington D.C. It's a bit higher at 95 percent. Researchers used this information to raise public awareness about cocaine abuse being a world-wide problem.

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