Major road project underway

By Matt Butner - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Workers placing orange cones signaled the beginning of the Cary Street project - for some regular visitors, it's the beginning of a traffic headache.

"It's complicated. It's a little difficult, especially since that side's blocked off," said Keira Myrick.

"I like to be in and out of Carytown. It's already kind of difficult to park here, this just makes it more difficult," said Rob Hickman.

Carytown's shop owners have been reaching out to their customers, stressing that the traffic problems will be temporary, and that there are alternatives to parking on Cary Street.

"There's plenty of parking decks down here, and you're still going to have the side streets you can get through and park," Tom Suddeth said.

As President of Carytown's Merchant Association, and a store owner himself, Tom Suddeth understands the importance of keeping the customers coming, especially at a time when the area is just beginning to see signs of economic recovery.

"We're running into the same challenges everybody else is, but I think a lot of folks are starting to see a little shot in the arm," Suddeth said.

So this minor disruption - is just a bump in the road for businesses here.

"Carytown's not shutting down. We're still open for business as usual," said Suddeth.

Carytown has always relied on its distinct, local image to attract shoppers. And that's why customers, like the ones who complained about the parking situation, say they won't change their shopping habits.

"Probably not a lot- I still come down here because this place has exclusive stores- stores you can't find other places," said Hickman.

"A lot of nice shops- different, unique shops," said Keira.

Carytown business owners say the resurfacing will bring in more business in the long run. The project is scheduled to last until next Wednesday, but officials say it might be done by this coming weekend.

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