Henrico police search for auto theft suspect

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Two cars stolen within twenty-four hours. You may be able to help Henrico police find the culprit. Surveillance photos of the man were taken Monday inside the Walmart near Regency Square Mall.

Police say it was the man's suspicious behavior inside the store that got security staff to take notice. Now police have a pretty good idea of who they're after.

The man strolls into the Parham Plaza Walmart just before two Monday afternoon. But doesn't venture far past the front door. His odd behavior capturing the attention of security.

"They zoomed in on him with the camera and said what is this guy doing," said Henrico police Lt. Doug Perry.

Police want to talk to him, starting with his whereabouts the day before. The crime spree started in an apartment complex off Brook Road where the first car was stolen on Cliffbrook Lane.  But the crook didn't keep it for very long.

That stolen car was ditched at the Parham Road Walmart. The culprit parked his first stolen vehicle next to his second target but didn't take it right away. Police say the man went inside the store first.

Then walked back through the parking lot, ran uphill to the T-mobile store, before returning to the two vehicles one being a 1988 gray Buick Lasabre.

It now has a broken window - hence the glass all over this parking space.

Lt. Perry says auto thefts like this happen more often than you think as criminals try to throw off any witnesses.

"I've seen in several times in the past where the main crime is not the theft of the automobile but it may be a robbery or something like that where they'll steal the car do the robbery then switch cars," said Lt. Perry.

Police say they don't if the man they're looking for was involved in other crimes.

The stolen car has Virginia tag: XUV-6883.

If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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