Murdered teen's mother talks about guilty verdict: part 2

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The mother of murdered teen Ryan Matko shares with NBC12  what she believes is the reason why 18 year old Detavis King took her son's life.

Rose Matko sat down for a one-one-one interview, one day after King was found guilty in the August 2007 shooting death of her 16 year old son. Matko believes robbery was the motive.

She bases her theory on a conversation she had with Ryan about King. One she says has haunted her ever since.

"Ryan says 'You know mom King thinks we're rich'," said Rose Matko as she described that conversation she had with Ryan one summer.

Rich, because Rose owns the Wild Rose Cafe in Chester. Ryan was a cook there.

"I could see where someone would get the illusion that he had more disposable income than the average 16 year old and I think that is certainly the motive," said Rose.

What Rose says she couldn't reveal in court was that, on the day he was murdered, Ryan probably had on him, a gas station gift card worth about $160, several other gift cards from Christmas and about two hundred dollars in his wallet. That on top of the $440 from a missing shoe box containing drug paraphernalia.

Rose says it was hard to hear that Detavis King was Ryan's drug supplier and never approved of Ryan's marijuana use or his relationship with King.

"I hope someday he can admit to his guilt and maybe let me and my family know what his motive is until that happens there's no forgiveness in my heart," said Rose.

Rose hopes King will have many years behind bars to think about what he did.

"Ryan very much had my blue eyes and I think those eyes will haunt him for many years," said Rose.

King could get life in prison when sentenced in November. To help with the healing process, Rose plans to start a scholarship in Ryan's name for students interested in the culinary field like Ryan was.

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