Road Trip: Natural Bridge

By Lauren Compton - bio | email

ROCKBRIDGE,VA (WWBT) - Most tourists drive over Natural Bridge and don't even know it. It is passable by a public roadway, U.S. Highway 11. Natural Bridge is a two and half hour road trip from Richmond and is well worth the trip. Not only will you marvel at one of nature's greatest bridges, but there's an attraction for every interest.

General Manager Debbie Land is new to Natural Bridge. She just moved there a few months ago and is all ready falling in love with the scenic atmosphere and attractions.

"It's is beautiful we're at the base of the Shenandoah Valley and it's an amazing experience," Land said. "Sometimes people who live here forget what an amazing place they have in their own backyard."

Amazing is an understatement, the Natural Bridge is 20 stories of carved rock, formed by a cavern collapsed. The bridge plays an even a larger role in Virginia's rich history. It was worshipped by the Monacan Indians, in 1750 it was surveyed by George Washington and later owned by Thomas Jefferson in 1754.

Natural Bridge may not seem like a hot tourist spot, but you can enjoy the attractions there for hours.  You can walk back into history at the Native American Village, or the Wax Museum which tells the history of Natural Bridge, or visit the Natural Bridge Caverns.

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