Dog attacks other canines in Henrico neighborhood

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - At least one family's dog is dead and another injured after a dog goes on a rampage in Henrico. It happened on Dalglish Road, that's in Heckler Village.

Several neighbors watched as the dog, which they identified as a pit bull - brutally attacked other dogs in the neighborhood. At least one person who lives in the neighborhood claims that he has never seen the dog before and doesn't know who it belongs to.

William Payne said that he saw the dog walk through his backyard before he heard and awful commotion. People screaming and crying as the dog went on the attack. Police say that the dog killed at least one other animal and seriously hurt another. Right now the canine killer is nowhere to be found and Animal Control is asking around and setting traps to capture the animal.

William Payne is concerned about children in the neighborhood, including his next door neighbor, who may have avoided being a part of the chaos.

"Because the next door neighbor, her daughter normally brings the dog out when they come out in the evening and she is normally out with the dog at the time that this happened, but fortunately she wasn't here today," said Payne. "A pit bull, as far as I am concerned is a dangerous dog, so they could attack anyone, so we'll be cautious, but we won't live in fear."

At this point police cannot confirm that the dog they are looking for is indeed a pit bull, because they haven't seen it. They told us tonight that they will continue to search for the animal until it is found.

If police determine who the dog belongs to, its owner could face a number of different charges depending on what the investigation uncovers.

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