Deeds answers Times-Dispatch reader questions

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Democrat candidate for governor Creigh Deeds faced the questions of readers from the Richmond Times-Dispatch today, during an online video chat.

NBC12 was granted exclusive access to the chat which covered everything from abortion to transportation, including the senator's driving record.

"In the first instance my breaks didn't work as they should've and I had an unfortunate accident, in the second instance, I was going to fast, I was anxious to get home. I made a mistake and it is done," Deeds said.

Senator Deeds was ticketed twice for his driving since his campaign began -- once for a fender bender and another for speeding.

Recently the Deeds campaign has gone on the attack, hoping to highlight his opponent Bob McDonnell as extreme when it comes to abortion.

During the chat, Deeds defended his campaign's decision to bring up the issue.

"This campaign is not about social issues, but I think that it is important to draw distinctions where they exist," Deeds said.

Deeds says he supports abortion rights. But he also supports some restrictions -- such as parental notification for minors.

The Times-Dispatch reporter who conducted the live chat, Jim Nolan, discussed some of the other questions Deeds faced.

Nolan: "so just to be clear, if it follows those parameters and the bill is a byproduct of consensus does include some kind of revenue increase, you will sign it?"

Deeds: "I expect that any bill that gets to me will be the result of bipartisan consensus, Democrats, Republicans and Independents and I intend to sign a bill that moves us forward."

-Richmond Times-Dispatch reporter Jim Nolan pressing candidate Creigh Deeds about his plan for transportation.

See video for Jim Nolan's responses to Ryan Nobles questions

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