Prosecution rests in Detavis King murder trial

Detavis King
Detavis King

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Jurors in the Detavis King murder trial could begin deliberating a verdict Wednesday. King is accused of shooting and killing 16 year old Ryan Matko two years ago. The prosecution rested its case late Tuesday.

The defense is expected to do the same Wednesday morning without calling witnesses. We talked to two friends of King who both say they believe he did not kill Matko. But prosecutors say evidence points to King.

"I know they want justice but I have to be here for my friend. 'You don't think he did it?' No that's not the type of person DJ was," said Idamae Carter, friend of King.

"I just pray that whatever the outcome comes I hope it's something good because I don't feel he did this knowing DJ," said Sameika Anderson, another King friend.

Support from two of King's friends. Even though the prosecution traced the 32 revolver they say is the murder weapon back to King.

A witness told jurors he bought a gun from King then re-sold it. But no fingerprints were found on the gun. Also revealed Tuesday: a forensics expert testified about finding a small amount of primer residue from a fired gun on King's converse sneakers that police took from his bedroom.

During cross examination: that expert told jurors he couldn't say what gun it came from or when the residue got on the shoes. A forensic investigator told jurors the two bullets she examined were fired from the gun police recovered. The defense says King did not see Matko the day of his murder.

Earlier Tuesday, the deputy chief medical examiner testified. Rose Matko left the courtroom at that time. According to Dr. Kevin Whaley's testimony: Ryan was shot twice. The first shot to the back which paralyzed Matko from the waist down. Prosecutors say Matko tried to crawl to safety but was shot a second time in the head. The medical examiner said the head wound killed Matko instantly.

Also, jurors heard testimony about cell phone records. The defense says those records show one of the witnesses was in the same neighborhood the day Matko was shot and killed.

Testimony focused on calls between Matko and King. As well as calls between that witness Dominic Johnson and King. Johnson previously testified about picking up a gun he purchased from King but couldn't recall the date.

On the day of the murder, cell records show five calls between Matko and King. The last time Matko answered his cell was at 9:16 that morning, all calls after that went to voicemail.

Johnson's phone records show he made eight cell calls to King's home August 22. The last one at 11:04 that morning. Cell records place him place him in the vicinity of King's neighborhood. The same neighborhood where Matko was killed.

"We're doing as best you can expect. It's been a hard day thank you," said Rose Matko as she walked into the courthouse.

"We're just cautiously optimistic," said Deborah Best, a close friend to Rose.

When the jury does get the case, they'll only decide a verdict. Should King be found guilty, the judge would sentence him since King was 16 at the time of Matko's murder.

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