Henrico police make major home burglary bust

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - It's a big victory for Henrico police. Officers say two men were caught in the act - burglarizing a west end home. The men arrested could be traced to as many as fifteen crimes which date back to February.

Police say the men would scout certain houses, to make sure nobody was there. Then they'd steal mostly TV's and video game systems. But this weekend when they struck again - police were waiting.

Barry George and his family were on vacation for ten days. And there was no doubt that while they were gone, they had a visitor.

"It's got a piece of steel back here that's supposed to be reinforcing the deadbolt, but you can see it just splits the whole jamb out. Split all the way down here, and blew this out," said Barry.

Police told them a burglar went down to the basement door, and kicked it in with so much force - that a countertop was pushed into the wall. The burglar stole a flat screen TV and walked out of the house to a vehicle, only to find police waiting nearby.

"At first we thought he had gone into our house, the policeman did, and apprehended this person. But they basically waited for him to leave, have the television which he took from us, in his car," said Barry.

Police say 22 year old Welford Parrish and 20 year old Trivon Gillison targeted several unoccupied homes, in a scheme that dates back nearly six months.

"Ring doorbells, knock on doors, if no one answers several times they figure no one's home, and apparently they like houses dark at night and they like to go in the back," he said.

So now Barry, who's in construction, is looking at installing more lighting around the house...and rebuilding that sense of security that, for now, is no longer there.

"Personally, I think we all felt violated. It's a little bit of a concerning feeling last night just sleeping in the house, you have these fears go through your mind, 'Is someone still here?' you know they're not," he said.

Barry's family is also hoping the incident leads to new talks about starting a neighborhood watch program where they live. Meanwhile, Parrish and Gillison are in jail. They face two counts each of burglary and grand larceny, but police say more charges are likely.

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