Crews remove wreckage of plane crash in Lake Anna

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LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - The pilot's cause of death is listed as blunt force injury to the neck and chest. The aircraft involved in the crash is homemade, a Maxair Drifter Ultralight.

These are pictures of the mangled wreckage being pulled from Lake Anna early Monday morning. Investigators say the plane broke into pieces when it plunged into the water Sunday afternoon. The pilot, 46-year-old Edward Toth died. His daughter survived.

A day after the crash, signs of what happened here are hard to see but the ripple effects are being felt.

"He enjoyed life and this is a shame to see what happened to him," said Met pilot Jim Foster.

Jim Foster chatted with the pilot and his family a few hours before the crash.

"They had just come back from Osh Kosh, Wisconsin - they were out there for a big plane get together," Foster said.

Residents tell us, Edward Toth was a corporate pilot who flew out of Washington Dulles International Airport. He lives in Prince William County but was visiting friends in Louisa. Investigators say the single-engine Maxair Drifter lost power shortly after it took off.

"If the engine quits you need to point the nose down enough just like you're coasting down a hill," said Syd Palmer, Aviation Expert.

He says the Maxair Drifter is a homemade experimental plane.

"It takes years to assemble them, thousands of hours of work, it's quite an undertaking if you want to build one," Palmer said.

Palmer says the aircraft is regulated - just like a certified plane.

"They are quite popular. There are many thousands of these experimental planes flying in the United States today," he said.

At this point it's unclear what caused the plane to lose power. The wreckage was taken to a holding facility in Fredericksburg. Investigators say it could take weeks to determine if the crash was pilot or mechanical error.

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