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Trial underway for Ryan Matko's murder

Detavis King Detavis King

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The highly publicized murder of a Chesterfield County teen who was gunned down in 2007 has finally come to trial.

Detavis King, 18, is charged in the murder of Ryan Matko, whose was the son of a Richmond police detective.

Attorney Steven Benjamin joined NBC12 to break the case down.

Q. Today the prosecution and defense grilled potential jurors for what is expected to be an emotional trial. This case has gotten so much media attention, how important will the selection of the jury be for sides?

See video for Benjamin's reply

Q. The big development today was that the accused's connection to the pi-ru gang was tossed out. Why was it tossed out, and how could that impact the case?

See video for Benjamin's reply

Q. Earlier testimony suggested that matko's death was drug related. Is there any chance that the defense team may attempt to show that matko was not an innocent victim in this crime?

See video for Benjamin's reply

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