Chesterfield Police screen drivers during traffic checkpoint

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Nearly two dozen people were ticketed during one of two traffic checkpoints by Chesterfield Police Friday night.

Pay attention to the road! That's the message from police tonight after screening for traffic law violators in the county. During the first checkpoint, 18 people were ticketed for expired inspection stickers and registrations.

The crackdown comes one week after Chesterfield was ranked the second deadliest place in the state to drivers. It may be an inconvenience for drivers-- making their way home on a Friday night. But Chesterfield police believe it's this kind of presence that helps people get there safely. For Walter Brown, Junior, a traffic checkpoint is a welcome sight.

"That's what it's all about being safe so we won't have that many fatalities on the highway," said Brown, Richmond resident.

Chesterfield Police Captain Dave Stone says while the department is concerned by the recent DMV report on deadly crashes, this checkpoint is not in response to the eye-opening data.

The county ranked second behind Virginia Beach for most deadly accidents in the state for 2008 with thirty people killed. At least seven people have died this year.

"Often times our traffic checkpoints are geared at preventing accidents," said Captain Stone.

Drivers show their licenses and registrations, but could also be cited for any faulty safety equipment. Traffic checkpoints are typically done near major thoroughfares that are prone to collisions.

"Frequently on that list you will see roads such as Midlothian Turnpike, Hull Street Road, Jefferson Davis Highway and Route Ten," said Captain Stone.

"It doesn't take much to have an accident you can be within the speed limit you'll have an accident but the thing is with police presence you'll find out traffic slows up," said Brown.

Chesterfield Police say the traffic checkpoints are done frequently along with red light runner crackdowns and DUI checkpoints.

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