Race for governor: President getting involved in Virginia race

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Today Democratic candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds will welcome Barack Obama to Northern Virginia for a rally to help inject some energy and cash into his campaign.

The Democrat is trailing Republican Bob McDonnell in two separate polls by double digit margins.

NBC12 political analyst Dan Palazzolo joined us in studio.

Deeds is hoping that tonight he gets a big boost from Barack Obama, but some new polling indicates that he might not be the lift the Senator is looking for, take a look at this:

Barack Obama in Virginia
Approve: 42%
Disapprove: 51%
Not Sure: 7%

Source: Public Policy Polling

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That poll also said that only 14 percent of voters would be inspired by a visit from Obama, is it possible that this visit could actually hurt the Democrat? Enthusiasm is also an issue for democrats in general, let's take a look at these numbers:

Likely Virginia '09 Voters
Supported McCain in '08- 52%
Supported Obama in '08- 41%
Source: Public Policy Polling

At this point the enthusiasm Obama demonstrated last year has not carried over, how vital is it for deeds to get Obama voters to the polls?

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That same poll, that Governor Kaine's numbers are lagging as well, he enjoys only a 42 percent approval rating. How have the problems with the budget hurt the sitting governor and could it have an impact on November?

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