Campaign signs clutter Chesterfield intersection

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - More political signs are popping up front and center throughout Virginia as the November election inches closer. But which are legal, and which aren't?

From the Iron Bridge exit off of Chippenham Parkway to Cogbill. These signs swept across Chesterfield streets this morning. Some residents were concerned their close proximity to the road, was illegal.

"I think it's a little overkill here," said Kevin Carroll with the Chesterfield County Fraternal Order of Police.

Just as soon has they went into the ground, they came up at the Fraternal Order of police.

"They were invited to come and speak today before our membership. I was made aware of this just a short time ago that these signs had been put up. We were not notified. Certainly we don't endorse putting signs up like this. Some people did comment that is was outrageous, ridiculous, overkill. They wanted to know what the violation of the law was," said Carroll.

Political signs posted along right-of-ways are strictly prohibited. And while the county and VDOT monitor the signage, they won't physically remove them.

"We've received a number of phone calls regarding the campaign signs being places in the right-of-way along Route 10 by Cogbill Road. And we had an inspector investigate and determine that they are in the right-of-way which does violate state code," said Ted Barclay, Chesterfield County Code Compliance Supervisor.

But because they're political signs, the county and VDOT treat the enforcement situation a little differently.

"The county wants to remain apolitical.  We don't want to show favoritism to one candidate over the other," Barclay said.

That's why the county won't physically remove the signs.

"Because they're campaign signs we notify the campaign that's put them up and we ask that they remove them," he said.

A point to make, this isn't the first time political signs have been clumped together along roadways.  The county says we usually spot these groups as Election Day inches closer.  But today, did prove to be a first for the inspector.

"He said it was a lot of signs, more than he's ever seen before in one location," Barclay said.

A spokesperson for Deed's camp says they're sorry about the inconvenience, and as of 3 p.m. said the signs have been removed from the right-of-ways.

To learn more about Sign Regulations in Chesterfield County: 748-1500

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