Central Virginians react to Chris Brown case

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Grammy winning R&B star and Tappahannock native Chris Brown will to have to wait, to learn his fate. The singer's sentencing for his altercation with girlfriend Rhianna has been postponed.

"The formal sentencing that was supposed to go on today has been postponed," said I-POWER 92 DJ King Tut.

Chris Brown's hope of having the incident from Grammy night 2009 behind him was put off for another few weeks. A judge in a Los Angeles courtroom decided that he needed more time before determining how the singer will serve his penance.

Back in his home of central Virginia, fans were hoping that he could begin the process of turning his life around.

"He had a thriving career and I just feel like one mistake has ruined it for this young man," said King Tut.

I-POWER 92 DJ King Tut met Chris Brown when he was just a young Tappahannock sensation. Today his listeners wondered what this new development would mean for the home grown pop icon.

"Maybe he thought that he was going to get in more trouble than he did and he could've had people in his ears whispering don't say this or don't say that," said one listener.

But many hope that regardless of what a court rules that the singer does what it takes to get his personal life in order.

"He has apologized to the public and I know he has apologized to Rhianna, but he really needs to work this thing out by himself and not apologize to us," another listener said.

Brown is expected to finally be sentenced in that same Los Angeles courtroom on August 27.

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