Spotsylvania woman and her dog attacked by Rottweiler

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) - A Spotsylvania County woman shares details of her frightening ordeal after a Rottweiler attacker her and her dog.  The woman's dog did not survive.

The 60-year-old victim is recovering after that vicious attack right outside her house on Dewberry Drive in the Wilburn Farms Subdivision.

Sandy Manes says she was walking her black lab, BJ, Sunday when a Rottweiler bit them both.  Manes says she's in a lot of pain. She had a leg and finger broken in the attack. But what upsets her more is losing her beloved black lab. The search is on to find the Rottweiler responsible.

"We used to call him my protector," said Manes by phone from her hospital bed.

Manes says she had taken on that role of protector Sunday afternoon.

"Before I really knew what was going on there was another dog on top of him," said Manes.

She says they were in between her house and a neighbors when she tried to fight off the aggressive Rottweiler.

"Every time I would kick the dog would turn around and bite me," said Manes.

She says her son heard her screams and came after the attacking dog with a baseball bat. BJ's injuries were so bad, he had to be put down. The black and tan colored Rottweiler got away.

Animal control officers have been going door to door with flyers even leaving them on mailboxes in an attempt to try to find the Rottweiler. The flyer shows where the attack happened on Dewberry Drive and has a picture of the kind of dog involved. Reverse 911 was also used to alert neighbors.

"Since I got the call I was actually nervous to be out," said neighbor Jolina Wang.

"Up until this dog is probably caught I would probably not walk your animals," said First Sergeant Liz Scott with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office.

Oscar Ariaca wouldn't chance it with his two dogs.

"There is no match my dog is no match for a Rottweiler," said Oscar Ariaca.

Manes says she won't need surgery as long as she keeps weight off her leg. If and when the Rottweiler is found, criminal charges could be brought against the dog's owner. But authorities say the dog could also be a stray.

If you have any information, call Spotsylvania Crime Solvers at 540-582-5822.

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