City of Petersburg to sell landfill

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PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Petersburg gives the green light to sell its landfill to a private company. City leaders say the sell will not impact service or fees.

The new owner is looking to extend the life of this landfill by 20 years. It's a move that's expected to save citizens and the city millions.

Containers First Company is purchasing the waste site for $350,000. And it's looking to make a few changes - such as increasing disposal capacity and building walls around the landfill.

"It'll look like green grass walls, is essentially what were going to do, and what it will do is give us the opportunity to work and fill in those walls from the inside," said Jeff Kraus, CFS Vice-President.

City leaders say if they didn't sell, they would have shutdown the landfill within the next 18 to 24 months. The other option: invest big bucks to upgrade the site and extend its usefulness.

"City leaders approved the sale. There are a few minor details to work out in the contract," said City Spokesperson Joanne Williams.

In fact city leaders say getting out of the landfill business will save Petersburg millions of dollars.

"Not having to build a transfer station. Not having to pay for trash to be moved elsewhere. Not having to close the landfill down and monitor it," Williams said.

Trash is collected twice a week in Petersburg.

"They pick-up pretty good. They do good work," said resident Shelly Delaney.

When Shelly Delaney heard about the sale she wondered how it would impact her pocketbook.

"It will not impact their trash pickup service in the least. It'll be the same as right now, their monthly fees will be the same," Williams said.

The new owner says it will provide long term disposal at no cost to the city for the life of the landfill. The sale is expected to be finalized this fall.

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