Man seeks trip refund: Travel insurance tips

By Diane Walker - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Robert Latney's, fiancé, used his credit card to book a trip to Jamaica and found out later, Robert has claustrophobia and acrophobia. Robert called to cancel but, Expedia is only giving a partial refund and says it's in the fine print, why.

"Later, someone called back and said we're running into a problem since you were not hospitalized for claustrophobia," said Robert Latney.

Robert says sufferers of claustrophobia and acrophobia usually are not hospitalized and that's part of his argument with Expedia.

"Once I start going upwards to a certain point, I start to get nervous, I sweat and I just don't feel good. I feel cornered," he said.

Climbing a ladder, the close quarters of an airplane, looking out over a roof top, all bring anxiety. It's documented by his veteran's affairs physician.

"I want them to reimburse me fully of what I paid them. I expected them to take care of the situation. They started to piece it out like, send me to this group and tell me I need to contact another group," said Robert.

As of a couple hours ago, the insurance company for Expedia says, Robert's vacation protection plan,

Only kicks in, with a full refund, if the mental or nervous disorder results in hospitalization. The rep I talked with doesn't believe Robert's finance was unaware of his phobias. He says it's just something they never discussed, until now.

"I didn't really know my friend had booked an airline, I thought originally she had booked a cruise. Come to find out she booked a trip that involved the airline. That's when she found out that I could not fly," Robert said.

Berkely Care, the insurance provider for Expedia, has refunded everything but the air fare on the $2,800 vacation to Jamaica. It's not budging on the $1,200 airfare.

"You purchase in good faith and when something occurs then they don't stand by you," he said.

It is disappointing, his finance purchased cancellation protection, but, in this case, the devil was in the details. The medical condition had to require hospitalization to get a full vacation refund. The airfare portion of the trip is good for a year. We're checking to see if the plane tickets are transferrable since Robert can't fly.

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