Recent earthquakes deeper than normal & may continue

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's not your imagination -- our area has been hit with way more than our share of earthquakes lately.

There have been five in the past month and three since Friday.  These have been small, not causing damage but there have been so many, that the geologists at Virginia Tech's Seismological Observatory are taking note -- going to the extreme of issuing a statement about the tremors.

"Focal depths are in excess of 5km," said director Martin Chapman. "If this current sequence of events persists and/or intensifies, it will warrant close attention from the perspective of seismic hazard assessment."

What that means is that these earthquakes are deeper than the ones we typically get around here, and they just might continue.

Now here's where they've been so far:

Back on July 6, there was one in the west end of Henrico. On Friday, there was one in Ashland. Then Sunday and yesterday of this week, August 2 and 3, two in western Hanover, near Beaverdam.

Keep in mind, we do live in an active seismic zone, and Virginia's history books do have records of earthquakes shaking buildings in Richmond.  See the link at right to read the entire report on these recent earthquakes plus check out Virginia's earthquake history.

And if you think you feel an earthquake in the coming weeks-- it just might be the big one... Or at least a "bigger" one.

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