Food Bank feeding Chesterfield children this school year

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - This year, students at three different Chesterfield County schools will be a part of the Central Virginia Food Bank's backpack program, where every Friday they will walk away with this backpack filled with six square meals.

"It's designed to be kid-friendly food that they can have with little or no assistance," says program manager Warren Hammonds.

It's the first time, the food bank is reaching out to children who qualify for free or reduced meals at school.

"Ettrick. Bellwood. Chalkley would be the recipients of those bags this year."

About 1,000 kids from three schools qualify for the program. But not all those kids will be able to take part.

"We've actually budgeted for Chesterfield County at about 100-150 bags a week."

Campus administration will determine which children are in the most need.

"It's a little bit daunting when you think about the greater need out there, cause we know there are probably around 20,000 children who are living in poverty, so sometimes if can be overwhelming, where do you start?"

It started in Richmond last year but will spread to Chesterfield, Henrico and Petersburg this fall. Asking for food donations is tough because all bags need to have the exact same thing.

"I know it's not quite as warm and fuzzy to ask for money, but money can help this program more than a lot of phone calls of what exact items we need."

Central Virginia Food Bank Backpack Program:  521-2500.

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