UPDATE: Chesterfield man murdered, girlfriend prime suspect

Tina L. Campbell
Tina L. Campbell

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Family members say Wayne Sidney Davis, 53, was found dead in his Chesterfield home by his brother Sunday morning.

Sunday night, loved ones were dealing with his death and the fact that his girlfriend, 33-year-old Tina Lynn Campbell, is now charged with murder.

Campbell appeared in Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court today.  She is being held without bond and will be back in court on Aug. 26.

Campbell was found guilty of assault and battery in February 2008.  She spent 2 months in jail and was ordered to take medication.  The victim was Davis, the man she is now accused of killing.

"We were at church. We got a phone call to come to my mother's house and my uncles house where they had found him murdered," said Davis family member LaChrissa Jackson.

You will usually find family and friends rolling up to Davis' house. But today, it was nothing but law enforcement. Police found Davis dead inside with what they're calling "obvious signs of trauma."

"My uncle, very hilarious; loved to have fun; loved to make jokes; played with the children; very playful," Jackson said.

His niece says for the last two years Davis dated Campbell on and off.

"She's attacked him several times. police has been called several times. She was barred and she kept on coming back," Jackson said.

Jackson also said Tina was very violent in the past. Today she's charged with first-degree murder and is at the Chesterfield County jail with no bond.

"And we just have to go in prayer and keep her in prayer," Jackson said. "We forgive her. even with all of this we do forgive her because God has to judge not us."

So the family that began praying at church this morning will continue to pray tonight.

"We have our moments. You have your moments. We just pray that God gives us the strength we need to go on," Jackson said.

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