Hate graffiti found in Bryan Park

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Bryan Park community is reacting to the discovery of racist graffiti found today, on a road inside the park. One of our viewers spotted the graffiti, spray painted on the road leading into the park from Bellevue Road. Disturbed by the anti-Semitic rant, the viewer called the city and NBC12.

The hateful phrase is in the process of being washed away by the city of Richmond. Now people that use the park are hopeful that the incident doesn't lead to more graffiti or even something worse.

Bryan Park is a bustling oasis in the city of Richmond that at any given time is filled with activity.

"There is lots of different things going on here, people playing soccer, people riding bikes, kids playing in the playground, people playing tennis, all kinds of outdoor activities, it's an awesome community place," said Tracy Wright who uses Bryan Park.

And because the park is generally filled with good people, park goers were surprised to hear that angry, ant-Semitic rhetoric like this would be painted in a place where anyone could see it.

"It's definitely not representative of the people who use the park most of the time," Wright said.

City park officials attempted to wash over the graffiti, but the outline of the vandalism still remains, as does the motivation to put it here in the first place.

"It looked like some kids and you know by the way it was written, I wouldn't be surprised if the person had a 2nd grade education and just didn't have any other way to express themselves in the world," said Bryan Landis, who found the graffiti.

Bryan Landis took a picture as evidence and is now hoping that whoever is responsible was just playing a joke.

"I doubt very seriously that it was anything more serious than that, but the message is incredibly serious," Landis said.

Bryan Landis is hopeful that the anger displayed in that spray painted message doesn't go any further.

He said that he is hopeful that it was just a fringe group, hoping to stir things up.

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