Magnitude 2.1 earthquake hit near Ashland

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) - More than the daily trains shook the ground near the Town of Ashland Friday.

No one really even felt the quake. In fact, some Ashland residents say the trains blowing through the town daily, cause more rattling.

In the Town of Ashland, the ground shakes a little bit every day.

"We're used to earthquakes and they're actually train rides that's what it is," said resident Ray Berry.

Some fifty trains pass through town daily says Mayor Faye Prichard. So it's no surprise - residents weren't phased at all by a 2.1 earthquake at 6:14 Friday morning.

"It didn't even wake me out of my bed," said Mayor Prichard.

"I slept through it," said resident Sara Bartel.

"I think it's very funny and very appropriate," said Moya Parmele who owns Ashland Coffee and Tea.

The epicenter - just west of Route 1 near West Patrick Henry Road. About four miles from Ashland Coffee and Tea. The town slogan is Center Of The Universe, but the owners of Ashland Coffee and Tea took that a step further, calling their place the "Epicenter" and it has nothing to do with an earthquake.

"This is where everyone comes to meet up with each other and have coffee and get on their computers and relax," said Parmele.

Friday's quake is the second one to hit Central Virginia this month. A 2.3 quake rattled homes in Short Pump on July 6th.

"It's not unusual this happens occasionally these again are very small earthquakes," said Martin Chapman, the director of Virginia Tech's Seismological Observatory.

For Parmele, her business slogan now fits like a T.

"It's very exciting I always said Ashland was the center and now we know it's the epicenter," said Parmele.

There were no reports of damage.

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