State recommends revoking license of Yellow Brick Road Daycare

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Yellow Brick Road Daycare has been in business for more than 10 years. But a terrible accident last month has put everything in jeopardy. The owner of the Yellow Brick Road Daycare knows she has a long road ahead of her...

Her son, Keishawn Whitfield is charged with felony child neglect. Now the state Department of Social Services recommends she lose her operating license which would put her out of business.

"I'm going to fight it. I'm going to fight it. I have to look out for my staff, children," said Valerot Whitlow, Yellow Brick Road Daycare Owner.

It was just one month ago she says her son, accidently left 13-month-old Andrew Johnson in a day care van. We learned today through a state investigation he was left in that van for seven hours in 84 degree weather.

"We felt that the incident was severe. That staff did not follow policies and procedures and those policies and procedures overall regarding transportation was not being adhered to properly," said Jeff Williams, Department of Social Services.

The department faulted the day care for not checking the van at the end of each shift, and for not using attendance sheets to make sure every child was accounted for.

"As soon as a child is in the custody of a provider whether that be picking up on a van or dropped off. They are responsible," said Williams.

Whitlow is now picking up the children each day using a school bus instead of a van. She still cares for 31 children

"I've been in business for years. One accident should not dictate your whole future," Whitlow said.

She says she is very sorry for what happened, but it should not put her out of business.

"I know we do quality care we go overboard. Because we love what we do here," she said.

The division director will decide whether to revoke the day care's license next week. If that happens, there is a lengthy appeals process and the day care can stay open during that time.

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