Bats infiltrate Henrico woman's apartment

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Imagine waking up one night, only to see a bat flying inside your home. It's no dream for one woman in Glen Allen.

The story is so hard to believe at first - that she actually took video of three different bats in and around her apartment. And now there's no question about what's keeping her up at night.

It was bad enough seeing a couple of dead bats "outside". Then came the day, when they got "inside". Two brave souls and one trash bag later - it was gone. But, for Aisha Shabazz, the memories are not.

"I awoke, to just that. A bat circling above me. It was about 1:30 to 2 o'clock in the morning. And it had landed, on, you may recognize these blinds from my home video," said Aisha Shabazz, resident of Hope Village Apartments.

The problem first started about two weeks ago. According to her, the bats would get in through a hole in the roof. Then wiggle their way in through a hole in her closet, which has since been fixed.

"Before this mesh screen was put in there were holes around these pipes," she said.

She saw at least one bat, every night for an entire week. Which health officials say is not uncommon this time of year.

"Recently, we've had at least one every two or three days. Do not collect it and throw it away if you think there's been any possibility of having contact," said Lewis Walker, Environmental Health Supervisor.

Instead, call Animal Control. Let the pro's remove it and test it, for rabies. The video - would be yours to keep.

"I document most things; I always have my camera with me. It's a little cringe worthy," Aisha said.

Aisha says her landlord is working to get the roof fixed. And it's been about a week since the last bat appeared in her apartment. She thinks it's because she started sleeping with all the lights on.

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