VEC ready to handle influx of clients

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Virginia Employment Commission says it's prepared for a possibly spike in clients walking through the doors.

"Additional staff has been hired as a part of the stimulus package to assist with the influx of people that were laid off due to the state of the economy," said Antoinette Archer, VEC Spokesperson.

This, just as VDOT notifies 600 employees that they'll be out of work come September and October. The cuts are part of VDOT's effort to address a projected 2.6 billion dollar revenue shortfall over the next six years.

"We have to revise our business and reorganize our departments to focus on maintenance and emergency response," said Jeff Caldwell, VDOT Spokesperson.

The layoff notification announcement is the second of three waves of employee reductions. In June, 400 employees were let go. This winter, more layoffs are expected to be announced.

"We're looking at shrinking by 1000 full time employees and 450 part time employees," said Caldwell.

That goal is scheduled to be reached by July first 2010.

"We just ask that people be patient. We will take care of everyone that comes in for services," Archer said.

The Employment Commission recommends filing your claim online or over the phone. If you do come in to the office be sure to have specific information.

"Proof of your social security number, personal ID - the more information you bring with you, the better able we are to serve you," Archer said.

At the end of this month more than 450 DuPont workers in our area will be out of work. And nearly 160 Reynolds employees will be laid off August first.

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