Richmond Tea Party holds Liberty 101 event

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A local group of political activists says a revolution is brewing.

Hundreds of local conservatives from the richmond tea party organization showed up saturday to the Liberty 101 event in Chesterfield to encourage fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away, another group funded by President Barack Obama's political action committee, worked to drum up support for his health care plan.

While both have very different views of the current state of the country, they both claim to want the same things.

"I really hope that our government starts to pay attention to what their people want and what's going on here and starts looking at the grassroots and what people really want," Lauren Shaley, who attended the Tea Party protest.

"We really want to bring those conversations that traditionally have happened inside of the Beltway on policy out to all of the communities in the country," said Brandyn Keating, Organizing for America.

Both groups plan to hold several more events throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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