Father of child found with high mother speaks out

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico mom is behind bars tonight, after she was found passed out from a heroin high with her two year old child asleep in the car. Police found Elizabeth Smalley and her toddler in the parking lot of a Walgreens on Laburnum Avenue.

Corey Seibert, the father of Smalley's Children, describes his ex-girlfriend, as a good mother.

'She did everything she was supposed to do, she had a good job and everything before she relapsed and all that," said Corey.

Seibert has three children with Smalley, including the one found in the car. He said that his girlfriend was on the road to recovery and had been clean for some time, until their relationship fell apart.

"I know that probably what it was from was me and her breaking up and she probably couldn't take it," he said.

Dr. Michael Weaver an addiction specialist at VCU medical center said that when an addict is on the road to recovery, any challenge can knock them off track.

"Anything that is emotionally stressful is very likely to cause someone to relapse, even if they are doing well in recovery," said Weaver.

For now, Smalley is in jail, where her ex-boyfriend hopes she can get clean and start her recovery over again. Not just for her sake, but for their three children's future.

"I hope she does change her mind and figure 'Hey, this ain't doing no good for me, I ain't goin' anywhere but down, '" said Seibert."I hope she decides she wants better."

A decision he believes she has to make for herself.

Smalley will appear in court in August to face charges connected to the incident. Cory Seibert said that he hopes that she can once again become a part of their children's lives, but he doesn't ever foresee a scenario where she will have custody of them again.

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