Two armed robberies in 24 hours

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A crime alert out of Henrico, where consecutive nights of robberies have neighbors worried about their safety. It's happening at the Seven Gables Apartments, located on N. Laburnum Avenue.

Two consecutive nights; two robberies. The first was on Monday night. Police say two armed robbers used a gun and forced a pair of victims to the ground. They went through their pockets, and stole a wallet.

The second was on Tuesday night. This time, three armed robbers used their guns and stole money from two more of whom ended up getting pistol whipped. Now police are seeing if the crimes are related.

"You had two suspects on the first one, three suspects on the second one, but it's very possible because it's in the same apartment complex that they may be working together," said Henrico Police Lt. Doug Perry.

Consecutive nights of robberies, are not unheard of. But they are unusual for a complex, where police say, problems have been kept to a minimum lately. Adults in the area say that's because they're trying to teach kids to stay away from illegal activity.

"There's people out here that's willing to dedicate and take the time to work with these kids to  help the families who may be in need of help so their kids won't be victims of crime or exposed to certain  traumas," said April Hughes of the Family Maintenance Counseling Group.

And while the children are sheltered from this recent uptick in violence, adults are reminded to keep an eye out for suspicious people.

"Try to park in a well-lit area if you can, try to park as close to your apartment as you can," Perry said.

If you have information on the robbers, Henrico Police ask you to call 501-5000.

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