July 23: Restaurant Report

By Ashley Swann - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 19 critical violations in tonight's Restaurant Report. But first, we go inside a Midlothian bagel shop whose owner says she doesn't belong on the Critical List.

"Everytime I saw the boom, boom boom...I felt like someone was punching me in the stomach," said Connie Shacklock.

She describes her horror over seeing & hearing the Restaurant Report's signature stamp associated with her Midlothian restaurant, Bagel Lox.

"It hurt, it hurt a lot, especially since we go above and beyond to try to keep it very clean here," Shacklock said.

The Woodlake restaurant's June appearance was due to an inspector's report this spring that cited the Bagel Lox for 4 critical violations. Connie says she had stepped out to care for her sick child and the employee she left in charge wasn't prepared for the surprise visit.

"He did know the policy, but when questioned...he told the health inspector he didn't know...so that's a critical violation," Shacklock said.

According to Shacklock, that employee also failed to point out a required menu advisory that was in fact posted. And failed to explain to the inspector that all foods are made to order -- including the chicken salad that came in a little over 41 degrees because the chicken had just been cooked.

"That's one of our basic things is that everything in the store is fresh," she said.

From fresh bagels, baked to order...to fresh cream cheeses and coffee...Shacklock says her customers can count on the Bagel Lox for a safe & delicious meal. She's also thrilled to report that just this week her inspector returned & this time, gave her a perfect score!

"We got 100%," Shacklock said. "There was no critical violations -- no violations whatsoever. He said that the store looks amazing...so he was very pleased with everything."

Now for tonight's Critical List, Chang Sheng (13568 Waterford Place) in Midlothian with 6 critical violations. An inspector observed no hand washing during the entire inspection, despite the handling of raw products. When we stopped by, employees were reluctant to comment:

"Oh, hell no. I'm not doing that," one said.

But, a follow-up report shows all violations have been corrected.

Moving on to Richmond, Italian Delight (6331 Jahnke Road) with 5 critical violations, including accumulations of soil and debris on the inside of an ice machine. The inspector's report shows 3 of the 5 problems were corrected on the spot.

And finally tonight, in Emporia, Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell (107 East Cloverleaf Drive) with 4 critical. Chicken was found in the refrigerator held 15 days past its "consume by" date. The food was immediately discarded.

Now for the good news, this week's Hall of Fame award goes to: Barrel Thief Wine Shop & Café (5805 Patterson Avenue) in Richmond for a perfect inspection April 20!

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