SOL investigation report released

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PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - The results of an investigation into possible SOL testing irregularities at A.P. Hill Elementary School in Petersburg is made public.

Investigators with the state Department of Education found the principle of A.P. Hill did not participate in training for the administration of SOL tests and that resulted in confusion. At least a dozen students who should have been tested fell through the cracks.

The report goes on to say that the principle of A.P. Hill Elementary School did not have an understanding of the process required for accounting for each student's attendance during SOL testing. And those procedures for reporting students absent from test sessions were not adequate for maintaining accurate lists for make-up testing.

At least a dozen students who showed up to school on test days and should have been tested were not allowed to do so.

"There were students pulled out of class for disciplinary reasons and as a result of that action they missed a testing opportunity and they weren't tested when make-up days rolled around. This was a situation where the leader of the school the principle took certain actions that resulted in students not being assessed who should have been assessed," said Charles Pyle, State Department of Education Spokesperson.

The State Department of Education is now requiring Petersburg school system to develop and submit a corrective action plan within 30 days.

"This plan has to address training, making sure testing materials are handled properly, and we'll be auditing the administration of SOL tests at this school next year," said Pyle.

The state is also requiring the principle of A.P. Hill and the school testing coordinator be trained by the division director of training.

"The expectation is that all personnel involved in that process from the principle down will have training they need to carry out the process in accordance with the board of education's regulations," Pyle said.

We did reach out to Petersburg public schools  - an interview request was declined but a representative with did say that the school board and superintendent will get together to discuss the report. And that the system will comply with the state Department of Education's requests.

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