Man lucky to be alive after bizarre crash in Hanover

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A local man is lucky to be alive after a bizarre crash in Hanover County.

Earlier this week, emergency crews received an on star alert about an accident on Old Church Road.

But when they got there, they didn't find anything. OnStar set off the burglar alarm though, and they finally found the car.

It was in a field on a property off of Old Church Road that emergency workers finally found the victim who'd been driving around in circles and crashing into things.   The male driver was experiencing a medical emergency, and might not have made it if crews hadn't tracked him down.

"He passed out with his foot on the gas and the car was turning circles," William Jones, Hanover County Battalion Chief.

Late Monday night, the car made it's way onto this property in Mechanicsville.

One can only guess exactly what happened, but here's what we do know.

The driver hit a well pump, a pump house, and a tree before making his way into this field -- doing donuts.

Some of the evidence remains, while some has already been repaired.

This property is a long ways off a rural road, so crews needed OnStar to help them track down the car.

"We cut our trucks off and it got really quiet and way in the distance we could hear a car alarm going off," Jones said.

Crews feel certain that this outcome could have been grim.

This all happened around midnight, and the property is so large, the homeowners may not have seen the car until morning, if then.

We were not able to catch up with the crash victim in person, but Chuck Long did chat with us over the phone, and says he's know how lucky he is.

Chuck Long says, "I would have died.  I would have been in a diabetic coma, and I am just so grateful to everyone and to OnStar -- they really saved my life.

Everyone involved hopes this story might help save someone else's life.

"If you have a medical issue where something like this could happen; it's not a bad idea to have that type of technology that would activate an airbag or tell us where you are," Jones said.

OnStar is of course just one of several programs out there that could help you should you find yourself in a similar situation.   Check with your dealer to learn more about the available options.

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