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Power Combo Safety Inspections $49
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Enclosed is what is included in our safety inspections for electrical and plumbing.


  • Check all GFCI receptacles for proper sensitivity
  • Test all GFCI receptacles for proper mechanical function
  • Check all smoke detectors for proper detection
  • Check all smoke detectors for proper circuitry
  • Ensure that panel is grounded
  • Check and tighten all ground terminals
  • Check and tighten all neutral terminals
  • Check all aluminum wires for oxidation preventer and add if needed
  • Check and tighten main service wire terminations
  • Check all wires for proper sizing at breakers
  • Check and tighten all line terminals
  • Check for surge protection at panel


  • Main valve
  • Water heater (main)
  • Check all valves on the water heater
  • Check all supply lines to sinks and toilets
  • Check all toilets by flushing to see if they need rebuilds
  • Check all drain pipes for leaks throughout the house
  • Check all faucets for drops
  • Check hose bibbs outside the house
  • Tag and mark garbage disposal, water l ines and gas lines, etc.
  • Offer to camera sewer line and check water pressure going into the house
  • Give recommendations and suggestions to correct all concerns