Study says men waiting longer to get married in Richmond

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A University of Michigan study of census information in the top 50 metropolitan areas has concluded that Richmond has a "male bias" population - meaning men in this area are waiting later in life to get married....and that "bias" is also throwing a monkey wrench into traditional relationships.

Dr. Daniel Kruger studies statistics, evolution and how it relates to contemporary behavior and although you may not like it, his study suggests that Richmond is a place where men are men, and women are lonely.

In fact, for every 9 single men, there are 10 single women in the Richmond metro and that small statistical anomaly apparently makes big difference in the reproductive strategies of both men & women.

According to the University of Michigan study when women outnumber men in a given population the men are biologically pre-disposed to wander:

"Guys have less of an incentive to commit to one partner - and to stay with that partner - and invest in their mutual children," Dr. Kruger said.

And it gets worse. Dr. Daniel Kruger says that in male bias populations, like Richmond - hemlines climb, neck-line's plunge and more babies are born out of wedlock. In these male bias populations women are jumping through hoops to find a good man. Single ladies like Simone aren't really surprised by the findings:

"Actually, I have to admit, I dated out of state until this year, until two years ago," said Simone.

So maybe you're still single, but have a committed boyfriend, around your own age, who's just not ready for the altar yet. But you think eventually, he'll come around. Well, not so fast - listen to what evolutionist Dr. Kruger thinks about that:

"Unfortunately, for the women in these cities, when these guys do decide to settle down, they're not going to be looking for someone who's their age - they're looking for somebody who's considerable younger and will have more reproductive potential in the future," said Kruger.

But many women who hear about this study take it all with a grain of salt. Singles, like Alex don't feel the need to wear shorter skirts to "up" her game and has this sound advice:

"I guess it depends on what your game is but if you have to up it, it's probably not the right kind of guy you wanna catch anyway," Alex said.

You want a city where men are more attentive, marry at a younger age and are less likely to cheat? Try San Diego, where statistically - they're the opposite of Richmond in that they have more men than women.

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