Food bank helping more Chesterfield residents

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield County is seeing some long lines at the unemployment office and at the food bank. That non-profit says it's helping a record number of people get food on the dinner table.

"I have to say the largest one-year growth in our entire 40-year history," said Richard Schultz with the Central Virginia Food Bank.

Chesterfield County has exceeded the state with its unemployment rate. And now more residents are standing in line for food.

"It's the economy. It's the aging population. It's what's happening to our middle class. It really is the perfect storm and not in a good way," Schultz said.

The non-profit food bank is delivering about 400 meals a day to county residents. It's also dishing out 400,000 more pounds of food to Chesterfield alone.

"People that used to contribute to us are now coming to us for help," he said.

But with every storm comes a silver-lining.

"We have had a record number of food drives. People are still coming in to volunteer and help," said Schultz.

Volunteers are a major help. 6,000 are needed every month to make this happen. Food donations are steady for now, but during the summer months they can dwindle.

"Because that's a time when people are on vacation. It's just not something that they're thinking about. So it's a critical time. Because as summer wears on, this warehouse starts to get empty," he said.

For More Information you can call the Central Virginia Food Bank at 804-521-2500 or go to their web site at

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