Burglars steal food, pictures, jewelry from Chesterfield home

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield woman says burglars stole nearly everything but the kitchen sink and that her home wasn't the only target.

The victim says several homes have been hit recently in the Salem Woods and Lost Forest communities off Centralia Road.

Rugs, pictures, even dog food!

That's what the victim says was taken out of her house while she was away for just a few hours.

She asked that she remain anonymous. But felt it was important to share her story to warn others.

An unbelievable sight greeted the victim on June 3rd.

"It looked like what to you, a tornado had did it there wasn't nothing in this house that hadn't been touched," said the victim.

There are nails in the walls where pictures had been.

Also missing, her coin collection, video games, rugs.

"Emptied our freezer," said the victim.

She says the thieves got in through the back sliding glass door that doesn't properly lock and distracted her chow with chow.

"There was wieners at least four packages of wieners just thrown out all in front of her," said the woman.

They even stole dog food.

She thinks she knows who did it.

The morning of the burglary, the victim says she was approached by a man in a small red truck who wanted to power wash her house.

She says a postal worker told her he saw a suspicious red truck parked in her back yard that day.

Police are investigating her case but she says at least four other homes have been hit in the same neighborhood off Centralia.

"One house a week before mine I understand. The next street over there was a house broken into a week after me," said the woman.

If she could have anything returned, it would be her grandmother's jewelry box.

"That's the one thing that means the world to me and I'd really like to have it back. It has their wedding bands in it things I know wouldn't mean nothing to them," said the woman.

Chesterfield police say break-ins are happening left and right-- right now-- they're a typical summertime crime.

If you have information that could help solve this case, call Crime Solver at 748-0660.

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