New communication tools for Chesterfield public schools

By Melissa Correa - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - From victories on the basketball court to breaking news, Chesterfield County Public Schools say they plan on updating the sites with the latest information and pictures.

The district says that's why parents should log on.

"Really a chance to showcase the volume of information while also having mini-pictures, press release, as well as video for active accomplishments in our school system," says Shawn Smith with CCPS.

You can get all this if you "Facebook" or "Twitter" Chesterfield County Public Schools.

"No additional costs to the school system or to tax-payers. It's going to be maintained within the community relations department. We want to have an open communication, two-way communication. And so we want to hear from people out in the community."

And Lauren Collins, mom of three, wants to hear what's happening at her child's campus, "So keeping track of them as far as their school day can be tough? It's hard. It is and I work away- so I'm away from home quite a bit."

Logging on to the free sites sounds simple enough.

"I don't know too much about it. If I could figure it out, I think it would be, it'll come in handy."

Since she doesn't know what to do: consider this her first wall post to the district.

"Maybe helping some of the parents, having a little course and showing some of the parents how to use facebook or twitter."

When she does learn, she will be able to even read "tweets" from the superintendent.

"We want to go to where people are and right now it's in new media," says Smith.

So when every character counts Lauren only needs 41 to describe her final thoughts, "a big improvement as far as communication."

"New media is the future and it's happening now and we're part of that and we're looking forward to having parents, the community and students involved," says Smith.

Chesterfield county public schools is one of the first districts across the country to use these sites as a communication tool.

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