Community takes back Jeff Davis Highway

By Laura Geller - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - In the past month police have been called to the Jeff Davis Corridor numerous times because of gun violence.

That recent rash of crime includes several shooting incidents and two deaths.

Residents are sick of the bad news and are taking action.

Saturday an army of orange took to the streets.

Taking out the trash and taking back the Jeff Davis Corridor.

"This is our community," said 8th District Councilwoman Reva Trammel. "We're gonna run you out of here. You're not going to run us out."

It's community service at the most basic level.

Uniting residents, young and old, to make a difference in an area where violence has invaded.

"We're trying to clean up for the community so we can make it a better place," said volunteer Alexyss Stinson.

Younger volunteers are hoping to silence the persistent sounds of gunshots.

They are setting the example, giving up their typical Saturday plans for a day of community activism which got them out of bed and onto the streets.

Figuratively cleaning up the corridor by actually cleaning up the trash.

"I think people are going to start looking and start thinking that since children are doing it they're going to want to do it," said Stinson.

Second Precinct Commander Steve Drew says the police department is extending an open invitation to the entire community, especially its younger residents.

"I want them to be part of the police department," said Capt. Drew. "To help with law enforcement issues, crime deterrents, and a strong message."

For one 18-year-old, that message is for the criminals who have sent fear through the community.

"You're going to get caught. It's not right what you're doing," said volunteer Adrian Redding. "But there are people that are looking for you and people that are trying to do right. So watch out."

Police and city leaders will continue their efforts in the Jeff Davis Corridor.

They're holding a community-wide meeting this Thursday at the Satellite Restaurant at 6:00 p.m.

This is a follow up to the meeting with area business owners we told you about last week.

This time, everyone living in the 8th district is invited.

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