Shots fired during Hopewell home invasion

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HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - The search is on tonight for three men who forced their way into a Hopewell home, demanded money, then fired two shots!

The victim calls it a terrifying ordeal. She's speaking out about the crime that's left her family filled with fear. Demmetrius Richardson doesn't feel safe in her home.

"I just started crying," said victim Demmetrius Richardson.

Behind this red door bullet holes....

"One went right here, the other one right here. Went through this side of the refrigerator," she said.

It's a constant reminder of what Richardson calls a nightmare. It happened a week ago today around two in the morning. Richardson and two other adults were asleep, when three masked men kicked in the front door. The thieves wanted cash.

"Give it up - where the money at. Give it up,"

Richardson says her brother jumped on two of the crooks. That's when the third thief fired two shots. Seconds later the masked men took off. Neighbors call the crime outrageous.

Shahkita Cromartie has lived on Front Street, next to the victim, all her life.

"I got to take caution now because they may come back through anybody's door - shooting through it and stuff," said Shahkita.

This neighbor does not want to be identified.

"When I heard about it, it just shocked me. I just don't like it there's no need for it," he said.

He describes the neighborhood as friendly and filled with hard working people. He has a message for the thieves.

"People are getting tired of it and one of these days they going to end up with a bullet in the butt"

The victim now sleeps with furniture against her front door. She wants the criminals caught. No one was seriously hurt.

If you have any information on this crime you're asked to contact Hopewell police.

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