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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - For the first time in decades Chesterfield County has a higher unemployment rate than the state. This means you could be competing with thousands for just a handful of jobs. You can start by getting yourself some help right in Chesterfield for free!

It may look dead right now, but this Goodwill Community Employment Center is just taking a quick breather from their daily grind.

"On an average at this particular location we get about 2,000 visits a month and that is about 400-500 new persons," says Monica Palmer, Manager for the Goodwill Community Employment Center.

The massive crowd includes everyone 16 and up on the hunt for a job, transportation or financial aid.

"In this competitive market you have to outshine your competitor. So we really zoom in on that personal presentation, packaging you, the person," Palmer said.

A list of personalized services, like career counseling and computer workshops, is offered at all capital region workforce centers. There are two locations for Chesterfield County residents.

"We may be able to just direct them in a certain area. We may be able to let them know what jobs are in demand and what jobs are not in demand," Palmer said.

Once you know which jobs you'd like to apply for, the center offers services to get your application together. Palmer says having these free services is very important since most people are strapped for cash.

"One thing that we realize is that jobs are out there. We have to be a little bit more creative in locating those jobs," she said.

Chesterfield County has two workforce centers. One on Whitepine Road, the number is 271-8510.

The other location is off of Midlothian Turnpike, you can dial 675-9910. The Virginia Employment Commission also works out of the Midlothian Turnpike office.

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