Biden attempts to make the case that the economy is improving

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Vice President Joe Biden was in Richmond Thursday night to talk up President Obama's stimulus plan. His request today to Central Virginians and those who feel the stimulus plan isn't working- "look around and see the progress."

It is something some are having a hard time finding.

The battle over the economy is being waged almost every day in Washington. It's a battle Joe Biden feels the administration is winning.

"I am absolutely confident that we are on the right track," The Vice President said.

But while the vice president is confident, Richmond's Republican Congressman is anything but.

"I have said consistently since the numbers have come out." Rep. Eric Cantor (R, Richmond) said. "This stimulus plan has been a flop."

Thursday in Henrico, it was Mr. Biden's job to convince Central Virginians that his view of the Recovery Act's progress is the correct one. He and his team brought small business owner John Fernandez of Daystar Desserts who said the government's plan has helped him to add employees.

"Not only do we only do we own our building, but we can expand and grow." Fernandez said.

But on the ground at a sushi restaurant in Carytown, diners seemed skeptical that the stimulus was really stimulating anything.

According to Nikita Heatwole, "People I have talked to and worked with aren't seeing much of a change."

Her friend Charlotte Phillips added, "At my job, it is just really, really slow and I just feel like we aren't getting any support from the government."

A difficult response from a town that has been hit hard by the struggling economy, to a visit from the Vice President, hoping to energize Americans that better days are ahead.

And while convincing Americans that the economy is improving might be a tough sell, Joe Biden had no problem raising big bucks today for his party's candidate for governor.

Creigh Deeds and team were hoping for a big pay day after a high end fundraiser held at the west end home of a high ranking executive at Genworth financial.

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