Journey for a cure for young sickle cell anemia patient

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 12 On Your Side was there with Nile Price, at VCU Medical Center, for the start of intense doses of chemotherapy. His bone marrow transplant is five days away; the goal is to kill off, some of the sickled cells - before he gets the donor bone marrow.

Sickle cell anemia does every body differently. While Nile has suffered excruciating pain, during his 12 years of life, his internal organs haven't been damaged by the inherited blood disease. That's a good thing! Nile calls it a blessing:

"Real blessed. The Lord's on my side, family, Redskins," said Nile.

Those things take precedence in Nile's life and, in that order. While, he has an old spirit, Nile just wants to play football, be a regular teen... no worries about doing something that triggers a pain crisis. He's hopeful, and a little bit scared.

"I never had this done before," said Nile. "What if I'm still, with sickle cell? But, that's a 1 out of 10 chance."

The breakthrough bone marrow transplant gives hope to children who are hurt and facing death because of sickle cell anemia. It's only used in select cases like Nile's.

"I haven't had any stroke, seizure, none of that, and while I'm still young," Nile said.

According to research data, it has an 85% success rate, and 5% of bone marrow recipients die.

"The plan is for him to be cured, absolutely," said Dr. Kamar Godder, Nile's Doctor VCU Medical Center. "Since Nile's issue was mostly pain, we hope that that will be gone forever"

"Are you a little bit scared? I'm terrified," said Deborah Price, Nile's Mom.

"My focus is on the results, the positive side of it and even in that strength, gotta be strong for both," said Vincent Price, Nile's Dad.

Nile will be on lots of expensive medications, after Tuesday's transplant. Deborah and Vincent Price say they could use some help. If you'd like to help, got to: click One to One Fund. You can also check out Nile's webpage.

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