Woman tries to fight off robber

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Wednesday evening, around 8 PM, a woman was cleaning her car at a carwash in the parking lot of the Irongate Shopping Center. She told police a woman came from behind, stuck something in her head and demanded her purse. That's when the victim tired to fight off the robber who still got away with her purse.

"It's very alarming that as women we can't even take care of our personal needs without people attacking us," said resident Erika Darden who owns a business in the shopping center. "I'm gonna think twice and be more aware of my surroundings."

But Chesterfield police don't want you to think twice about what to do, especially since this is the second time someone has robbed a woman in the shopping center in less than two months.

"We recommend that people don't fight back and that they comply with the demands of their attacker," said CPD Crime Prevention Officer Tim Lamb. "We don't want to have people injured to protect their property."

"And what if she had done serious bodily harm to her?" said Darden.

So instead, focus on details that will get your stuff back.

"As far as their appearance, their direction of travel, any kind of vehicles that they may be in," Lamb said.

And the problem with vacuuming your car, especially when you're doing it alone, is that it's hard to hear anything, let alone see if anyone's coming towards you.

Officer Lamb recommends keeping an eye on your surroundings, or running errands with another person.

"I think that crimes can happen anywhere, all the criminal needs is the opportunity," Lamb said.

The other robbery occurred back in June when a woman was robbed of her purse by three girls. That investigation continues.

If you have information on these crimes call Chesterfield Police or Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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